Early College students at an exhibit at the Asheville Art Museum

Buncombe County Early College (BCEC) students had a unique experience at the Asheville Art Museum on Monday, October 10, 2022. 

The small group of students toured the “Border Cantos|Sonic Boarder” exhibit. Students and staff learned more about immigration and Hispanic culture through the art on display. Students said it was an eye opening experience. 

“This opportunity provided students a variety of perspectives on issues that are close to their own experiences in relation to immigration/migration,” said Spanish teacher Darcy Wallace. “Also, they were able to hear the presentation in Spanish by an immigrant, which made it more powerful.”

The installation uses stunning visuals enhanced by music. Students said the immersive experience was impactful. “Some of the images in the exhibit gave me goosebumps,” said third year student Ernesto Arellano-Perez. 

Third year Yareli Rivera said, “It was interesting to see different people’s immigration story”.

The exhibit will be available to see through October 24.