BCEC Four and Five Year Plans

BCEC students typically take five years to complete the necessary courses for a high school diploma and associate’s degree. Because we are a responsive learning community where students are empowered to create and achieve their own personalized pathways, Buncombe County Early College can also work with students for whom it makes sense to complete their degrees in four years.

A BCEC student who is motivated and ready to graduate in four instead of five years with their high school diploma and an Associate in Arts or Science degree must take a more rigorous course load each semester, more dual enrollment courses (classes taken for both high school and college credit), and/or summer classes. The decision to accelerate is typically made in the Fall semester of Year Three.

There are both benefits and drawbacks to electing to accelerate the Early College experience, and we will share this information with students who may be considering the 4-year options.  Students who elect for the accelerated four year sequence can always choose to slow down and finish in four and a half or five years if they determine that is necessary. Along with our advising, students are responsible for ensuring that they are on track for graduation and are taking the courses that they need each semester.