Transfers and Reassignments

Making a change to your child's educational setting?
There are many reasons a family may need to transfer, withdraw, or reassign their student. Here are a few of the more common scenarios and how to get started.

Moving to a New Neighborhood?
Sometimes, current BCS families move to a new neighborhood within Buncombe County that is associated with another school. Enrolling in a new school is much like enrolling for the first time and will require documents to verify your new address. Visit our Enrollment page to find the schools near your new address and to get started with online enrollment. You can always call your new school for assistance, as well as to schedule a tour.

Discretionary Admission/Release
With approval from school administration, it may be possible for a student to transfer between schools or school districts. (This process would include changes such as switching locations within Buncombe County Schools or entering Buncombe County from a neighboring school district.) This process is called Discretionary Admission/Release.

To officially withdrawal from your current school, a parent or guardian will need to complete a withdrawal form. This form is available upon request from your school's front office.

Home School Reassignments
Home schooling in the State of North Carolina is governed by the North Carolina Division of Non-Public Education (NCDNPE). Public schools do not provide information or assistance related to home schooling. For information, please contact the NCDNPE directly at (919) 733-4276. You may also access detailed information by at the Division of Non-Public Education website.

If your child is currently enrolled in a Buncombe County School, you must provide proof of registration with the NCDNPE before you are allowed to withdraw your child from school. If the student stops attending school before home school registration proof is presented, your child will be accruing unexcused absences. This could place the student in violation of attendance law – truancy charges may be filed if your child exceeds the allowed number of absences. For information regarding attendance policy, please see District Policy 4400.