Diabetes, EpiPen, & Bloodborne Pathogen Annual Staff Training

Annual Required Health Training for Staff

All North Carolina school staff are required by law to participate annually in Diabetes, Allergy, and Bloodborne Pathogen training. This is an effort to prepare staff to respond the needs of children with health issues. All staff are NOT required to administer diabetes medications or Epinephrine - this training is only to enable staff to know when and who to call for help.

Thank you for your assistance in keeping our students safe at school.

Part 1: Diabetes

Step 1) Watch the Video: This video is from the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation; the information is also applicable to type 2 diabetes.

Step 2) Take the Test: After watching the video, print the Diabetes Training Test, complete it, and turn it in to the School Nurse.

Part 2: EpiPen (Anaphylactic)

Step 1) Watch the Video: Click on "view module" under the School Staff Training Module.  There is A LOT of other pertinent and useful information on this site you may wish to review and use.

Step 2) Take the Test On the same website, complete the Food Allergy Quiz. Print out the certificate of completion and turn it in to the School Nurse. 

Part 3: Bloodborne Pathogens

Buncombe County Public Schools requires ALL staff to complete the Bloodborne Pathogen training on a yearly basis.  At-risk employees only (Custodians, Plumbers, Transportation Safety Assistants, Intensive Intervention Teachers, and Intensive Intervention Assistants) must receive Bloodborne Pathogen Training within 90 days of their hire.  Visit the Buncombe County Schools Bloodborne Pathogens to complete the training, online quiz, and the optional Hepatitis B Vaccination form.

Instructions for School Staff:

Diabetes, EpiPen, & Bloodborne Pathogen Training (ALL Employees):

Principals must designate one person in each school to maintain their Diabetes Training Roster, EpiPen Training Roster, and Blodborne Pathogen Training Roster.  This person will be responsible for insuring that ALL school personnel (teachers, office staff, administrators, custodians, bus drivers, cafeteria, etc.) complete these trainings every year.  When all staff have completed training, and the rosters for the year are complete, the rosters will be kept by the School Nurse.  Documentation should be kept for one year; it may be discarded when the new year's information is completed.

Staff should be informed of who your school's Diabetic Care Managers (DCM's) and EpiPen Administrators are in case of emergency. 

Training may be completed on an individual basis or in groups (i.e. during a staff meeting) during regular work hours: 

Individual Training: Staff will complete the videos and tests, which will be turned in to the School Nurse.  The Nurse will forward the completed tests to the designated staff person who will check names off on the school training roster.  Maintain the tests at your school as backup for 1 year - discard the prior year when the new year is completed.

Group Training: The administrator of group training sessions must have staff complete a sign-in sheet.  The videos must be shown to the group, and all present employees must complete the tests.   The diabetes test and bloodborne pathogen test are printable and can be completed at the training.  The food allergy/EpiPen quiz must be taken online - this should be completed as soon as possible after the training. The sign-in sheet will be given to the designated staff person to check names off on the school roster.  The tests must be given to the School Nurse for review. 

Below is a sample roster and sign-in sheet.   Your school may modify this to fit your needs or create your own.  It may be helpful to use your payroll checklist as a starting point to insure you capture ALL employees.

Sample Diabetes & EpiPen Rosters 

Bloodborne Pathogen Training: 

This training confirmation is submitted automatically through the HRMS system.  Reminders are sent directly to employees from the BCS Safety Officer.  No recordkeeping is required at the school level.