Violette, James - Social Studies


Welcome to Civics and Economics!

Hi, I'm Jamie Violette and I teach Civics and Economics at Early College. I also help out with our Student Government Association. You can even occasionally find me behind the wheel of our activity bus on a field trip. This is my 4th year at Early College, and my 6th year teaching. I graduated from Appalachian State Unversity with a BS in History, Social Studies Education then went back and got my MA in Educational Media.

You can contact me at or (828) 776-0787. I respond to emails and calls/texts best as I can throughout the day, but I am most available during office hours. I have office hours Monday-Friday from 8:00 am-9:00 am and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 2:30 pm-4:00 pm.

All information regarding classes is posted on Google Classroom and communicated to students via their BCS email address. Please reach out if you would like to be added to our class as a parent/guardian to receive weekly email summaries of class activities.

Civics and Economics Syllabus Fall 2020
Civics and Economics Remote Learning Plan Fall 2020