Math 3 Syllabus

Course: Foundations of Math 3/Math 3                                   Teacher: Mrs. Lewis

Office: Birch 223

Contact: 828-776-0790 or

Course Objectives:  This Foundations of Math 3 course focuses on the key readiness standards from the Common Core as well as the Standards of Mathematical Practices needed for students to be successful in Math 3, Math 4, and first level college math classes.  The course addresses standards including Algebra 1, statistics, and geometry, and the Algebra II standards agreed to as essential college-and-career readiness standards for most students. Math 3 consists of six modules:  statistical reasoning, algebraic reasoning, geometric reasoning, polynomial functions, circles, and functions. This course is taught in an engaging way based heavily on conceptual teaching and learning. The course will build the foundation required to be successful on college entrance exams like the Accuplacer and/or better prepare them for Math 3 and Math 4.

Students should have:

  • Completion of Math 2

Required Materials:             

Graph composition notebook

Pocket folder OR binder

Pencils (No Pens unless they are erasable)


Colored Pencils

Graphing Calculator TI-83 Plus/84 Plus (recommended; calculators will only be available for in-class use) Glue Stick OR Clear Tape

Donation Wish List: AAA batteries, bandages, tissue, disinfecting wipes                 

Course Rules:                                                                                                                                   

All Buncombe County Early College handbook rules should be upheld at all times. Class rules, consequences, and rewards will be determined with input from the students. After established, students will have these in their Foundations/Math 3 folder

Course Requirements:
Students are expected to participate in all classroom and homework activities and assignments. Fully engaging in the classroom activities for this course will be necessary to be successful in this class.

Mathematical Practices from the Common Core Standards:

The Mathematical Practices will be heavily modeled and expected of students throughout this course to assist them as they become more mature mathematicians.

  • Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.
  • Reason abstractly and quantitatively.
  • Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.
  • Model with Mathematics.
  • Use appropriate tools strategically.
  • Attend to precision.
  • Look for and make use of structure.
  • Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning.

Standards Based Assessment and Grading:

Students will be graded on outcomes. Please see the handout provided to you on how standards based grading works. In standards based grading, the focus is demonstrating proficiency in mathematical skills/outcomes. Students will receive 4 nine-week grades that will make up 75% of the grade and a final exam grade. The final exam will count as the remaining 25% of the final grade.

Online Resources:

Grades will be recorded in Power School. You received a log-in to access PowerSchool/Homebase Parent Portal in your “back-to-school” packet of forms. This log-in can be used by parents and students. The Power School/Homebase Parent Portal will allow parents and students to stay updated on student academic progress and absences in all of their BCEC courses.

Math 3 Foundations webpage: This webpage is available from my teacher webpage on the Buncombe County Early College website. This webpage will provide valuable contact information, other web resources, and an online homework calendar. Please utilize this resource.

Email: Students and parents are encouraged to utilize my email for communications at any time. (Issues, illnesses, late arrivals, homework questions, etc…) Email is the best way to contact me.

College Readiness Outcome:

Each nine weeks, students will be assessed on the College Readiness Outcome along with their Mathematical content outcomes/targets.  Targets include:

·         I can complete all homework assignments in a timely manner. 

·         I can engage fully in all classroom activities. (Evidence will include class binder/journal)

·         I can maintain proficiency on targets and outcomes after showing proficiency.

·         I can demonstrate the Mathematical Practices from the Common Core Standards.

·         HP:  I can demonstrate a high level of engagement and complete all assignments on time.

Homework Assignments:

Homework assignments are assigned daily. The assignments will be posted on the whiteboard daily for students to enter into their agenda book. The homework assignments will also be posted online for students and parents to access and be aware of.

Make-Up Work:  Make up work is YOUR responsibility!


Make-up work will follow school board policy. The student will have three school days from the day they return to complete their missed work.  Students missing three or more consecutive class periods (one week of school) should request a meeting and meet with the teacher within three school days of their return to discuss and implement a reasonable time frame to make up assignments and assessments.


Extra Help: I have designated times set aside for students to receive extra help within the school day. Students are highly encouraged to use these times to get additional assistance and earn learning targets back in a timely manner!

                                    Tuesdays/Thursdays             12:00 -12:30               Birch 223

                                    Mon, Tues, Wed                    2:05 – 3:30                  Birch 223