Hieber, Anneliese - English

Ms. Anneliese Hieber (Hee-brrrr)


BCEC Office Phone: 828-232-4123

School Cell Phone: 828-775-2400 (Available by phone -call/text - during office hours only) Office Hours : M-F 8 am-9 am / MTWF - 2:30 pm - 4 pm

I teach College Ready Literacy I (Fall) and English I (Spring)

I use Canvas as my Learning Management System. My Canvas site contains very specific information regarding our syllabus, your assignments, and class expectations. 

What is College Literacy I? 

The goal of College Ready Literacy I is to help students develop skills to think, read, and write at a college level. In this course, students will work to be critical and innovative thinkers. Students will read, write, and speak everyday in order to grow intellectually and personally.

CRL-1 and its curriculum are designed to encourage students to explore Buncombe County Early College’s Graduation Outcomes and Core Values. During this course, students will be expected to think critically about what it means to be college ready. Also, students will be expected to create growth goals that align with BCEC Graduation Outcomes and Core Values. This course will help students to prepare for English 1.

Our Classroom Equity Goals:

- Equity of voice:  Our class is a place where all voices are heard and valued.
- Inclusion in the space: All students are expected to and actively encouraged to participate. - Collectivism of the group: We ALL act for the great good of our class and group.