Parent Welcome Letter

Hello students and parents,

Welcome to Brit Lit 242

Please do not be confused, while taught by a BCEC staff member, this is a college course with all the associated expectations. We will be following the college’s expectations closely. I have numerous years of college teaching experience as well as a Masters Degree in English. I am fully aware of the rigor and level of achievement the students will need to acquire to gain course credit and will work diligently to help your child achieve that goal.

With that in mind, there are no “optional” assignments, extra credit, or “filler” work.  All assignments are designed to promote growth and competency in the students communication and writing skills to better prepare them for their future coursework both here and when they transfer.

Deadlines are firm. Only one 24-hour extension will be given to a paper (RLA1 or RLA 2) provided the student notifies in writing to Dr. Lanahan and myself the reason behind the emergency extension (funeral, family catastrophe, hospitalization). The Capstone assignment due date will be selected by your student -- I expect those on time. However, obviously things arent as they usually would be COVID has impacted our families and community. Please contact me asap if there are accommodations that need to be considered.

Major papers are assigned several weeks in advance to allow opportunities for drafts and revisions so there really is no reason for late papers. All deadlines will be posted far in advance.  

The assignments that make up the 15% Class Activities will not be accepted late for any reason as these are used in class when due. To not have one of those assignments completed on time is to not be prepared for class. These grades are a way for the students to accept responsibility, contribute to their learning, and an easy way to accumulate a good GPA. Dont forget there is time built into the schedule to facilitate the completion of these assignments. 

Attendance - students will be attending class Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  During remote learning, students need to be on Zoom during their assigned class block with the camera on and ready to work. This is a BCS requirement.

Most college classes expect students to spend at least double the course credit hours in the completion of homework. So, therefore, the three credit Brit Lit 242 would expect to have approximately six hours of homework per week. To help facilitate success, I will have office hours on Wednesdays where students are welcome to drop in as needed. Whether remote or in-person, the extended course time provides time for roughly half of the workload the student will anticipate for the course. Students can also schedule individual conferences during my planning.

We will follow the BCEC calendar as well as the ABTech calendar. When BCEC is closed, class will not be in session. However, students can expect classwork to continue while school is not in session. There is always something on Moodle that needs to be read, edited, revised, posted about, or written. I strongly encourage students to keep revisiting the Moodle to make sure their work is up to date. I will send a weekly announcement to clarify the focus of the coursework and to provide extra guidance. Parents if your child gives you their access code to Moodle, you would be able to view their assigned work, grades, and feedback as the course progresses. I cannot provide that access to you, but your child can.

Please note that the texts are college level reading and some pieces may be deemed controversial. (See full syllabus for further details). Texts are selected by the college for their literary merit and ability to encourage growth. Any pieces that I supplement will likewise be valuable. Students will learn to exhibit stamina in reading texts and appropriate note-taking skills.

Writing is a recursive process meaning that students will be expected to write drafts, edit, revise, as well as schedule time with the writing lab. However, this is not a class where I teach writing -- the student's pre-requisite classes did that (English 111 and English 112). Outcomes will be modeled and supports in place via Moodle links, assigned text, during synchronous classes, and supported during office hours as needed. 

Recommended supplies: paper, pens, binder or folder to organize work progress, and a small USB (2G is plenty) to back up files.

If there are any other concerns please mention them in the space allotted or email me at: [email protected].

I look forward to helping my students grow in their ability to write college level papers