Brit Lit and English 112 -- Spring 2020 Virtual Days
Welcome to college English! All assignments, readings, deadlines, and rubrics will be found on the class (ABTech) Moodle. You are expected to look there daily as we have shifted to VIRTUAL DAYS. 

VIRTUAL DAYS -- Please refer to the class Moodle.  I will keep office hours that match the students' classes.
        Brit Lit 242 will have either an open Moodle chat or Zoom lesson from 9 - 10 daily, M-F. Thursday will be open chat. 
        English 112 will have either open Moodle chat or Zoom lesson from 10 - 11, M-F. Thursday will be Chat, Zoom, or phone as needed. 
        College support will run 1 - 2 Zoom meeting. 

OFFICE HOURS: 9 - 12, and 1-2 PM daily 
These hours were chosen so as to not conflict with students' other classes. Feel free to text or email at any time. DO JOIN our class chat and Zoom. 

If for some reason you miss a class chat or Zoom, these will be archived. Chats can be found on your Moodle (top right) where you can read all transcripts. Zoom will likewise be stored in the future for viewing and re-viewing. 

ANY student is welcome to join email me at or call during College Support or after 1PM. 

I look forward to a great semester!  You can reach me at: or call (828) 776- 0486.