Collaboration Rubric



Not Yet Proficient






·        Student plays a passive role,

·        Student generates few new ideas

·        Student tends to only do what they are told to do by others.


·        Student plays an active role in generating new ideas.

·        Student takes initiative in getting tasks organized.

·        Student delegates responsibilities when required.

·        Student keeps group/class on task and on schedule.

·        Student understands and articulates goals of class/group.

·        Student accepts responsibilities for his or her actions and the actions of the group.

In addition to meeting the criteria for At Standard, the:

·   Student thoughtfully organizes and divides the work between group members.

·   Student monitors progress toward group goal.

·   Student adapts easily to changes in the task or group.



·   Student does not willingly follow directions.

·    Student vocalizes intense opposition to group or classroom goals.

·   Student does not comply with group, classroom and community rules.

·   Student follows directions from group leaders, group members and adults who take the lead or offer assistance.

·    Student expresses the ability in words and deeds to adapt to the goals of the group, even when those goals may be different than their own.

·   Student complies with group, classroom and community rules.

In addition to meeting the criteria for At Standard, the:

·   Student encourages cooperation through words and actions.

·   Student creates or initiates procedures (or activities) that encourage cooperation.

·   Student willingly switches roles in group or classroom as required by the situation.


Attitude & Demeanor

·   Student does not display positive attitude in words, expression or  body language

·   Student does not provide positive feedback.

·   Student does not dress, act or respond appropriately to the task at hand.

·   Student displays positive attitude toward individual and group tasks in words, expression and body language

·   Student provides positive feedback to peers and adults

·   Student dresses, acts and responds appropriately to the task at hand.

In addition to meeting the criteria for At Standard, the:

·   Student models appropriate speech, behavior, clothing,, etc. even at the risk of  breaking peer norms.

·   Student goes out of their way to encourage positive behavior and attitude.

Facilitation & Mediation

·   Student is passive in the face of individual or group conflict.

·   Student encourages discord.

·   Student does not seek or encourage facilitation or mediation of conflict.

·   Student seeks to resolve conflicts between individuals or groups by listening to both sides.

·   Student encourages peers and adults to listen to each other.

·   Student never attempts to cause conflict by false reporting.

·   Student only engages in private side conversations when attempting to reduce discord.

·   Student is willing to accept facilitation or mediation in the event they are involved in a conflict.

In addition to meeting the criteria for At Standard, the:

·   Student serves as facilitator or mediator between groups or individuals.

·   Student volunteers to find resources or schedule meetings between individuals or groups in conflict.

·   Student, alone or in concert with other students or adults, initiates activities that further harmony between individuals or groups.



·   Student does not express empathy for the feelings of others.

·   Student displays a lack of awareness or disregard for diversity.

·   Student is locked into one view of issue(s).

·   Student expresses empathy for the feelings of others through words, body language or deeds.

·   Student displays awareness of diversity and the needs of different ethnic/social/religious groups.

·   Student demonstrates ability to look at issues from multiple points of view.

In addition to meeting the criteria for At Standard, the:

·   Student engages in action that makes the emotional comfort of others a primary concern.

·   Student attempts to broaden group activities to be more inclusive.

Collaboration Rubric