Summer Programs

Maybe you love the outdoors. Maybe you want to be a doctor someday. Maybe you dream of starting a business or you love acting or music.
There are a number of opportunities for students in North Carolina to attend programs over the summer to enhance their learning, challenge themselves, and have fun! 
Some examples of summer programs that students might be interested in are Summer Ventures or Governor's School, but there are many, many more. Most summer programs for high school students are for 2nd or 3rd year students, but there are a variety of programs for all grade levels.
Use the link below to reach a directory of summer programs in North Carolina and explore opportunities that are available to students over the summer. Ask Mrs. Wicker for more information.
you can call CFNC at 866-866-CFNC(2362) and ask about College Preparation Opportunities (Summer Programs). They will help you identify a program that would be a good fit for you.  
Some examples of specific summer programs in North Carolina:
Cooperative Council of NC- Check out this summer opportunity! It's a great way to develop leadership skills, team building, and build connections! Camp runs June 19th- 23rd. 

Heels for Success at Chapel Hill: one day summer experience in which students will learn about the UNC Chapel Hill campus, learn techniques for the ACT, learn more about the college application process. This is for rising 2nd, 3rd, or 4th years. See Mrs. Wicker if you are interested. 
Youth Leadership Program: A six-week paid internship program where students work with a non-profit organization. There are field trips and leadership training sessions in Raleigh. See Mrs. Wicker for more information or apply online here by March 31st.
The Shelton Challenge at NC State: Week long sessions throughout June and July for students in any grade focused on activities where students will foster leadership and teamwork skills. See more info at
NC State's Summer Textile Exploration Program (STEP):
Summer Ventures: 4-week program for students who are interested in Math and Science. Deadline to apply is January 31st:
Forensic Science Camp at App State:
For students with a passion in science and an interest in forensics. See this website or talk to Mrs. Wicker for more information.
Mission Possible: Program at Mission Hospital for students interested in the Medical Field. 
LENS (Learn, Experience, Navigate, Solve) Program at Wake Forest: A summer program based on global challenges from the end of June - mid-July. Go to for more information and to apply. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.  
Governor's School Applications: Governor's School is a 5 week academic enrichment program at the campus of Salem College.  If a student is interested in Governor's School, he or she needs to see Mrs. Wicker by the end of September. The student must fill out an application and the school must nominate the student for the Governor's School Program. 
4th year students are eligible to apply in any area: English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Spanish, or Performance/Visual Arts programs
3rd year students are eligible to apply in the Performance Art programs (eg. Instrumental Music, Choral Music, and Dance). 
Out-of-State Summer Programs
Telluride Association Summer Program: in Ithaca, New York, this program seeks students who are motivated and interested in contributing to society. It is free to attend. Visit for more information. 
US Naval Academy Summer Programs: The summer STEM program is available to rising 9th-11th graders (go to for more info), and the Summer Seminar program is available to rising seniors (go to for more info). Students must apply online. Deadline for the Summer Seminar is March 31, 2015 and for the STEM program is April 15, 2015. 
Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Programs: Seven different programs for students from 8th-12th grade. Find out more info here: