Applying to College

5th year Students should be filling out college applications starting in August of their 5th year. Students need to meet the fall deadlines at colleges in order to be considered for scholarships offered at that school (usually in October or November - check colleges' admissions websites for deadlines.)
Here are the things that you will need to submit in order to apply to 4-year colleges and universities:
The Application: Naviance is for applications in North Carolina and out of state schools.  CFNC is a great place to start to find all applications for NC schools 
The Application Fee: See your school counselor if you think you might qualify for a fee waiver
High School Transcript:  When you have entered the schools you have applied to by linking to Common App or entering the schools directly into Naviance, your counselor can electronically send transcripts. Also, let your school counselor know if you would like a hard copy to be sent.
College Transcript: Go to the AB Tech website to order your College Transcript. It can be electronically sent to the schools to which you are applying. The cost is $5 per transcript sent.
Letters of Recommendation: Ask now! 2-3 Teachers, bosses, community members who know you well (not all schools want these). Be sure to give them a copy of your resume when you ask for a letter of recommendation (and if you need help with a resume, talk to Mr. Hutchman).
SAT and/or ACT Test Scores: See the link to the left for more info. These must be sent through the students College Board (SAT) or ACT Student account online.
Essay: This is part of the application. Not all schools require an essay. 
Come see Ms. O'Donnell or email her with any questions at