Student Code of Conduct

Our BCEC/BCMC Code of Conduct promotes a safe, respectful, and learning-focused environment for all students.  We expect all students to give their best effort every day and to treat others in a caring and respectful manner. We expect students to make choices that promote their own safety and the safety of others on campus, to avoid behaviors that may jeopardize their academic success, and to act maturely and with integrity.  Students should come to class prepared for the class and should participate appropriately so that learning time is maximized for all students.

Students should always remember that when they are on the campus of AB-Tech, they represent Early and Middle College.  As part of our school community, students should demonstrate a commitment to meet these expectations, and the consequences for not doing so are intended to promote personal responsibility.  

In addition to the Early and Middle College expectations, students must also follow all A-B Tech guidelines for student behavior as outlined in the A-B Tech student code of conduct.