Attendance Information

In accordance with Buncombe County School Board Attendance Policy 4400, to obtain credit in a given class, a student can miss no more than seven (7) days or fourteen (14) days in a year-long course.  A student must be in class for at least two-thirds of the class period to be counted present.  Both excused and unexcused absences count toward the total absences.  An “Excused” absence does not mean the absence has been “Waived".


 BCS Policy 4400 Attendance



Missed Assignments

After any absence, it is the responsibility of the student to get information from the teacher in order to successfully complete all make-up assignments, including scheduling a time to take tests.  Because policies for make-up work vary from instructor to instructor, students are responsible for knowing and adhering to the missed-work policy for each high school and college instructor.  Projects and work assigned before absences should be turned in as soon as the student returns to school.  Each teacher may set his or her own policies for late work and zeros may be given if missed work due to absences is not completed in a timely way.  


Tardies Arriving on time to class is an important expectation at BCEC that promotes both respect for the learning environment and responsibility for time management.  Students who arrive to school after the start of class must sign in in the main office and get a tardy slip to present to the teacher. If possible, a parent or the student should call the main office (232-4123) to inform us why the student will be late.  Tardies of more than 30 minutes are considered an absence from the class.  


Late arrivals/Early dismissals

Students who are in attendance for only part of the school day could be found to be skipping class.  To avoid potential disciplinary consequences for skipping class, students who arrive after a class or who must leave school early must sign in/out in the main office and provided a reason for their late arrival or early dismissal, including a parent note or phone call when possible. Students who do not follow these procedures or who do not have a valid reason to miss class will receive disciplinary action, including detention or suspension of parking privileges for repeated offenses.


Attendance Waivers

There may be medical and other special circumstances that allow the administration to waive absences for students.  Circumstances include: chronic illness, acute illness, hospitalization, court attendance where the student is not at fault, or death in the family.  A waived absence does not require attendance make-up but students are still responsible for all work missed.  

Students with a chronic illness must provide documentation to the principal or to the school nurse at the beginning of each year In order for an attendance waiver to be considered.  Students with other compelling circumstances should bring supporting documentation, with specific dates and times, to the main office within 10 days of the absence.  A doctor’s note does not guarantee a waiver.  The reason for the absence must meet the waiver criteria stated above.