Academic Information and Policies


Enrollment in Buncombe County Early College

Because we can only enroll a limited number of students each year, students and families who choose to attend BCEC are making a serious commitment to become part of our school community.   Because Early College becomes the students’ base high school assignment, any change to that assignment requires a team meeting with the student, parents, teachers, counselors, and the principal.  We do recognize that students may determine that this is not the best fit for them, and a transfer to a student’s district school will be considered if the team determines that it is in the best interest of the student.  Student transfers are considered at the end of the school year only.  

Enrollment in Buncombe County Middle College

Students in grades 11 and 12 are eligible to apply to Middle College, and we accept students at the beginning of each semester.  Students interested in applying to Middle College are advised to contact our school to request information or complete the form linked to the Application tab on the BCMC website. 

Graduation Requirements

To earn a high school diploma at Buncombe County Early College and Middle College, students will complete all required credits according to the North Carolina Future-Ready Core/UNC Minimum Graduation Requirements.  This includes:
4 English credits -- I, II, III, IV
4 Math credits -- I, II, III, and one credit beyond Math III
3 Science credits -- Earth Science, Biology, and Physical Science and/or Chemistry
4 Social Studies credits -- World, Civics, American History I and II (course sequence will be updated in 2022)
2 Foreign Language credits
1 Health and PE credit
Up to 10 Elective credits -- to be completed with college courses
As noted, Early College students must successfully complete a minimum of 10 college courses (3 credit hours or above in order to earn the required high school elective credits.  Also, Early College students will complete one course or a sequence of A-B Tech courses to earn other high school course requirements.  Currently this includes:
Health and PE -- PED 110 and PED 211
4th Math -- MAT 143 or MAT 152 or MAT 171
English IV -- ENG 111, ENG 112, and ENG 242
Students must meet minimum GPA requirements or earn the requisite scores on the A-B Tech placement test in order to enroll in these courses.  Additionally, students must earn credit for ENG 111 and ENG 112 in order to proceed with most courses at A-B Tech.  

If a student does not earn the requisite score or successfully earn credit for ENG 111 and 112, it may be necessary to determine a more appropriate pathway.  Likewise, if a student is repeatedly unsuccessful in earning college credits with a grade of C or better, it may become impossible for that student to earn a high school diploma.  In either case, we would need to explore a high school completion plan instead of an associate degree pathway, and a transfer to their base high school may be necessary.  

Promotion Guidelines

To be promoted, students must have earned credit for at least 75% of the total credits available to them in that year.


Grades at BCEC and BCMC should give students and their families accurate and meaningful feedback that supports and encourages student learning.  According to the State Board of Education policy, the scale for high school course grades will be: 

A:  90-100  

B:  80-89 

C:  70-79 

D:  60-69

F:  Below 60 

Progress Reports and Report Cards

At the mid-point of each nine-week grading period, students and parents can access progress reports for each class in PowerSchool.  Teachers are expected to provide a written progress report and call parents when a student is not progressing satisfactorily.  In addition, teachers will regularly maintain student grades in the PowerSchool system.  Students and parents can check grades at any time with a code for online access to their grades.

Printed copies of report cards are made available in PowerSchool to every student at the end of each nine-week grading period.  Printed copies may be requested.  The report card will identify the student’s nine-week grade, cumulative number of absences for each class, and academic progress comments, if the subject teacher feels these are appropriate.  At the end of each semester, a final semester exam grade and a final semester grade will also be reported.

Report cards for students who have earned a D or F in any class will also be mailed to the home address on file.  Parents are welcome to pick up a copy of their student’s report card in the main office or call us to request that we mail a copy home.

After-School Support and Tutoring

All students are encouraged to take advantage of after-school study support sessions offered Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 2:10-3:45.  Any Year One or Year Two student staying after school must report to the study support room and sign-in.  Students must remain with the teacher until 3:45 unless a parent comes into the office to sign them out.  All students must be picked up by 4:00 pm.  Because this time is set aside specifically for students to enhance their academic achievements, students must have a legitimate educational reason to stay.  Any student who stays after school but fails to report to, remain in, or participate in the study support session will jeopardize their privilege to receive after school support and may be subject to disciplinary consequences.