COVID-19 & Virtual Learning Information

COVID-19 & Virtual Learning Updates
Posted on 03/27/2020
COVID-19 Response Currently, the A-B Tech campus is closed. 

In order to prioritize the health and safety of students and faculty, all A-B Tech operations and services have transitioned online.  The campus is currently closed to students.  Beginning March 27, our BCEC and BCMC office in Birch will also be closed until the A-B Tech campus reopens. Faculty and staff may be contacted by phone and email while the campus is closed. 

Virtual Learning Information 

As of March 18, all high school courses have transitioned to virtual learning. Buncombe County Schools has provided information for virtual learning at this website 

Teachers are available to support students virtually in a variety of ways, including email and office hours. Details for each teacher's virtual class may be found on the teacher website. 

The BCS Technology department is available to assist students each week day from 8 am - 6 pm by phone, 828-255-5987. 

A-B Tech courses resume online on March 30.  Information and student resources for A-B Tech courses may be found on this website 

We look forward to welcoming you back to campus in the near future. 

NC DPI Grading Policy Updates - April 2, 2020 

Many of you may have questions about the recent announcements from the NC Department of Public Instruction regarding the completion of spring semester.  We hope that the following information will provide important clarification:


First, for our students not graduating this semester, your course work continues through virtual instruction.  You should continue to complete assignments as assigned in order to earn credit for your courses this semester.  


For students graduating this June only, final grades will be calculated based upon the first nine-weeks grading period, which ended on March 13.   Students graduating in June who have earned a passing grade in courses as of March 13 will be assigned a final grade of Pass, and no further grades will be given for the course. However, teachers will continue to provide learning opportunities and content in these courses that will help students prepare for their future endeavors. Graduating seniors are strongly encouraged to continue to engage with teachers and classmates in their courses. 


Graduating seniors who were not passing courses as of March 13 will be provided with coursework to allow them to bring their grade up to passing so they may earn a Pass credit for the course. For these seniors, continuing to engage in the class is not an option and is necessary for the completion of graduation requirements. 


All graduating students will continue to be enrolled in courses and in school until they are officially promoted as graduates at the end of the school year. At this time, we have no additional information regarding our graduation ceremony. We certainly hope to hold this important celebration of student success when it is appropriate in the future.  


For all students, including graduates, enrolled in A-B Tech courses, your college course work continues through virtual instruction. All college courses have transitioned online and students are expected to continue to complete work and successfully complete those courses.   


If any student needs resources to be able to successfully access any course, please contact our school counselors, Ms. Coaplen or Ms. O'Donnell, through phone, email, and/or Google Classroom.