Transportation Information and Policies

Buncombe County will provide transportation for students during their first two years in Early College.  Students will ride the bus to their district high school, where they will transfer to the Early College bus to A-B Tech.  Parents dropping their child off at the district high school need to have them there no later than 7:50 am. Classes will begin at Early College at 8:25.  Afternoon buses will leave the campus each day at 2:00 and return to the district high schools.  

If students’ transportation is different from their norm, we must have a written note from the parents, including parent contact information, approved by an administrator on file in the office NO LATER THAN 8:30 am that morning.  Last-minute requests will not be honored, specifically those that pertain to students riding home with other students on the bus or in a car. - Parents/guardians may choose to drop students off at the designated area on the side of Birch building. - Students must be in class by 8:30 am. - Supervision is not guaranteed for students arriving on campus before 8:00 or departing campus after 4 pm. Use of the city bus is not recommended in the first two years at Early College.  If a family determines that city bus use is needed for transportation purposes, a written note must be approved by the principal and kept on file in the office.

Beginning in Year 3, students will be responsible for providing their own transportation to and from school, due to the variety of individual schedules. In some circumstances, older students may need to utilize the school bus.  They must first meet with the counselor or an administrator to make arrangements to do so. College class schedules for older students cannot be adjusted to meet the bus schedule.  

Driver’s Education

Driver’s Education classes are held at district high schools and online through WRESA.  Once a student has completed Driver’s Education classes, Driver Eligibility Certificates (DEC’s) can be obtained in the main office.  The student’s social security card and birth certificate must be presented for the DEC.

Policies for Student Drivers

Driving and parking on campus are two important privileges for BCEC students, and this privilege may be revoked if driving leads to issues that are getting in the way of the students’ success or violations of our safety policies, including but not limited to excessive tardies, excessive absences, or skipping class.  

Students are subject to all A-B Tech, Buncombe County Schools, and Buncombe County Early College rules and regulations while in their cars on the A-B Tech campus.  Violations of A-B Tech, BCS, or BCEC rules may result in the parking permit being revoked and/or disciplinary action. School administrators may search cars driven by students if the administrator determines that there is “reasonable suspicion” a school or state law is being violated.  

Parking -- Student drivers are responsible for applying annually for a parking permit through the A-B Tech business office.  An initial one week grace period will be granted to allow time for the permit to be obtained and the driver’s contract to be turned in with required signatures.  After this time, parking tickets will be issued. A-B Tech parking permits must be placed on the left corner of the back window or left bumper of the vehicle before parking on the A-B Tech campus.  Year 3, 4, & 5 students may park on A-B Tech’s campus in designated student spaces only. Drivers are responsible for paying for parking tickets. Failure to do so may jeopardize future A-B Tech course registration and future parking permits.

Passengers -- Students must follow DMV laws regarding transporting passengers while students have provisional licenses.  Additionally, drivers are legally responsible for all passengers.  Because BCEC cannot monitor when older students leave campus or who rides with whom, parents and their student must establish expectations about whether he/she may transport passengers.   

Leaving Campus -- Student drivers are allowed to leave campus, including for lunch, if their class schedule permits.  Again, parents and students should establish if and where students may drive off campus during non-class time.  If students leave for lunch, they may not allowed to bring food back to the classrooms. Parking and traffic difficulties are not legitimate reasons for being tardy or absent to any class.  If leaving campus leads to any issues with tardies, skipping class, or other discipline incidents, students are in jeopardy of losing their driving and parking privileges.  

Also see A-B Tech’s Traffic and Parking Regulations.

NC Driver’s License Laws

Students are subject to revocation of driver’s license or permit pursuant to two North Carolina laws. Students must remain enrolled in school and make required progress toward a high school diploma,including passing 75% of enrolled courses per semester.  Also, students who are given a suspension or placement in an alternative educational setting of longer than 10 days for possession/sale of alcohol or controlled substances on school property, bringing/possessing/using a weapon on school property, or assault on school personnel on school property will forfeit driving privileges.