General Information

School Calendars

BCEC operates on a different calendar than Buncombe County Schools.   Year One and Two students follow the BCEC calendar only. Year Three, Four, and Five students are responsible for being familiar with the BCEC calendar as well as the A-B Tech calendar:

2018-2019 Buncombe County Early College Calendar

2018-2019 A-B Tech College Calendar

1:1 Devices

All students are assigned a laptop computer for educational use.  Students may not use their own devices in Early College classes. Students will be able to take the devices home and bring them back to school for classroom use. Students should bring their charged device to school each day.  Before a computer will be issued to a student, he or she must present a laptop bag or padded sleeve for the protection of the device.

Students must bring any device that has been damaged to the main office immediately.  The cause of the damage will be determined, and any intentional damage due to negligence may be subject to a replacement fee for the device.  Students who lose their device or charger will be charged a replacement fee.

Internet Use

BCEC classrooms are connected to Buncombe County Schools wireless routers and are therefore subject to the same filter requirements as the rest of the district.  All students Early College students may use computer labs, the library, and other facilities available to A-B Tech students. As part of the college environment, computer use on the A-B Tech campus outside of BCS classrooms is not regulated by BCS and does not provide the same level of filtering for users.  

Students and parents should be familiar with the A-B Tech Internet and Campus Network Acceptable Use Policy.

Counseling Services

Counseling services are available for every student at BCEC. These services include assistance with educational planning, schedule problems, testing, interpretation of test scores, occupational information, career information, job placement, help with home, school and/or social concerns, or any questions the student would like to discuss with the counselor. To ensure that all students have equal opportunity to use counseling services and to minimize class time lost, students may schedule appointments with the counselor before or after school, during CORE, or between classes.

Students may also schedule appointments with our A-B Tech College Liaison:

Photo Statement

It is the school system’s procedure not to require parent permission for students to be photographed, videotaped, and/or interviewed by system employees or media on routine school topics, activities for public information, awards and honors, instructional and promotional purposes. Parents, guardians, or eligible students may request not to be photographed, videotaped and/or interviewed by notifying the school in writing within ten (10) days of the beginning of the school year.

School Meals

All students may receive breakfast at no charge, which is served on the first floor of Birch each morning.  Lunch will be provided through Buncombe County Schools’ food services and will be served in A-B Tech’s café.  Students must have their student number to purchase lunch.

Because we share A-B Tech’s cafe space, students should take care to clean up after themselves and behave maturely.  Students are required to remain in the designated areas during lunch. Students may use the patio area during lunch if a teacher is present and has given permission for students to do so.

Students may qualify for free and reduced lunches (FRL) and should submit the appropriate forms at the start of each school year.  Students are required to pay for all lunches until the forms have been turned in and approved. Questions regarding the program should be directed to our cafeteria manager.

Other Food Policies

Per A-B Tech policy, students may not have food or drinks in the classroom, with the exception of the tiled classrooms on the first floor of Birch and in the case of schedule issues that necessitate lunch on the hall.  All food trash must be disposed of in the larger trash cans with black garbage bags located in the hallways or in the lobby.

Students may not have food delivered to the classroom buildings or to the cafe.  Students may bring food from off-campus, but the food must be eaten in the lobby or other appropriate spaces on campus.  Students may not take food or drinks into classrooms, and students who repeatedly arrive tardy to school with food may be subject to disciplinary action.   Students who do not ride the bus and are late to class in order to get breakfast will be considered tardy.

School fundraisers involving food must be approved by the principal in advance.

High School Meal Prices

Full-Pay Students $2.75

Reduced Fee Students $ .40

BC Extreme Meal $3.20

Adult Meal $4.05

Adult Extreme Meal $4.55

Student Records and Transcripts

A parent or eligible student may not be denied the right to inspect and review a student’s educational record.  Please contact the school counselor if you wish to see your educational record.

High School transcripts may be requested in the BCEC main office.  A-B Tech Transcripts can be requested through A-B Tech Student Services.

Inclement Weather

BCEC generally follows the Buncombe County Schools inclement weather procedures, with specific exceptions for college courses noted here.  

If Buncombe County Schools are closed, our high school classes will not meet and students’ neighborhood buses will not run.  College courses for Year One and Two students will also be cancelled if Buncombe County Schools are closed. If Buncombe County Schools are delayed, our high school classes also follow a delay schedule, which are included on Page 5.

The same procedures apply if individual districts are closed or delayed.  Students are responsible for any assignments they miss due to district closings, and BCEC teachers will work with them to help them make up this work.  

If Buncombe County Schools are closed but the A-B Tech is open or on a late-start schedule, students in Years Three, Four, and Five should attend college classes if they can travel to campus safely.  Student drivers should exercise good personal judgment, and if students cannot make it to campus, they should immediately email their college instructors to let them know they will be absent due to weather.  Year Three, Four, and Five students should also be familiar with how college class start times are affected by a late-start.

Please see A-B Tech’s Inclement Weather Policies and Schedule.

Accident or Illness

If a student is injured or becomes ill while at school, he/she is to report his/her condition to the nearest teacher or staff member who will notify the main office. If appropriate, the student is to report to or be brought to an administrator. The parent or guardian will be called and informed of the student’s condition. If the injury or illness is so severe that medical attention is needed immediately, an ambulance will be called.


Medication may be left at the school for individual students but this MUST be accompanied by a physician’s order and kept in the main office. School personnel will dispense non-prescription medication and prescribed drugs on either a regular or short-term basis. Prescription drugs must be kept in the original bottle and taken only as prescribed under the supervision of trained school staff. The prescribing physician and parent/guardian are both required to complete the proper authorization forms before medications can be given. Forms may be obtained from the main office or may be downloaded from the Buncombe County Schools website. Students distributing or selling prescription drugs will be disciplined to the fullest extent possible according to the Buncombe County Schools Board policies.


ALL visitors must register in the main office and wear a visitor pass while on campus. Before leaving, visitors should sign out in the main office. Parents are welcome and encouraged to visit our classrooms.  We ask that you call our main office to let us know when and who you would like to visit.

Cell Phone/Text Communication

BCEC faculty may use cell phones, including texts, to communicate with students for school-related purposes.  For example, CORE teachers may use text messaging to help keep students on track or to check in with students informally. Early College teachers may use text messages to remind students about quizzes and tests, send updates about school events, or share information.  We also use cell phones as one tool for communication during potential emergencies on campus.