Understanding High School Graduation Requirements

Getting your High School Diploma: 
The first priority while you are at BCEC is to get your high school diploma. You get the credits you need for your high school diploma with the classes taught by your Early College teachers and also with the A-B Tech classes that count towards your associate degree.
NC High School Graduation Requirements: The credits all NC High Schoolers need are linked here. You also need 7 additional elective credits to get your high school diploma.

Updated 4 and 5 year plans: Coming soon!
These documents will show you how you can get your high school diploma and your AA or AS in 4 or 5 years. 

Earning your Associate in Arts or Associate in Science Degree

Associate Degree Requirements: the A-B Tech AA and AS requirement checksheets are posted here
Students and Parents are encouraged to review the requirements for the Associate in Arts & Associate in Science degrees.  Students may download the degree checklist they are interested in pursuing (see below) and keep track of the courses they have passed with a C or better.  The student's college transcript can be viewed and printed from the A-B Tech website by logging in to Self-Service.  The college transcript will note specific courses, grades, credits earned and the grade point average at the end of each semester. Students can also pull up the "Program Evaluation" feature in Self Service which will let them know what classes they still need to take to finish their Associate Degree.
Universal General Education Transfer Component (UGETC): Courses that fall into this category (see the Associate Degree checklists in the link above) are guaranteed to transfer to the 16 North Carolina public colleges and universities as the specific course that was taken at A-B Tech (instead of as elective credit, for example). Students do not have to finish the Associate Degree in order to have the guaranteed transfer for these specific courses.