SAT and ACT information

 Many colleges and universities may use SAT and ACT results in their admissions decisions. Additionally, SAT and ACT scores may also be used for entrance into competitive programs or for scholarships. 
All NC students take the ACT in the month of February during their 11th grade year. This ACT is given to students during the school day and students are able to report the scores to up to four colleges at no cost.  

Students should see Ms. O'Donnell for more information about the ACT and/or SAT. 

2021-2022 SAT registration deadlines: 
 Test Date  Aug 28  Oct 2  Nov 6  Dec 4 Mar 12 May 7 Jun 4
 Registration Deadline  July 30   Sept 3  Oct 6   Nov 4  Feb 11 Apr 7 May 5
 A late fee can be paid to register approximately 2 weeks after the deadline.
2021 - 2022  ACT registration deadlines: 
 Test Date  Sept 11  Oct 23 Dec 11 Feb 12 Apr 2  June 11 July 16
 Registration Deadline  Aug 6 Sept 17  Nov 5 Jan 7 Feb 25 May 6  June 17
 A late fee can be paid to register approximately 1 and a half weeks after the deadline.
Helpful links:

Naviance test prep with Kaplan.
Prep Factory: this website is user friendly site to prepare for either the SAT or the ACT. You can sign up for a 90-day free trial. Check it out

March 2 Success is a website sponsored by the US Army that offers ACT and SAT test prep (as well as info on other college related topics.

Where Do You Go From Here?

All Schools in North Carolina will accept either the ACT or the SAT. Students should take one or both at least twice each. The tests are slightly different and it is encouraged that students take practice tests to see which they might feel more comfortable taking (see links above). When you are planning for college, look into the college entrance test requirements and averages for each school.  CFNC provides average test scores of incoming freshmen for each North Carolina college. This information is provided in the admissions section of each school’s profile at

A good rule of thumb in college planning is to start early, so begin thinking about college entrance tests in your sophomore year and plan on taking the the SAT and/or ACT in Year 4.

NEW! Use Khan Academy to help prepare for the SAT for free. 
NEW! Use Khan Academy to help prepare for the SAT for free.