Visiting Colleges

College Visits

Students at BCEC are encouraged to visit colleges in years 1-4. (It is important to go before their 5th year, as students need to start applying in the fall of their 5th year).  Students should utilize a variety of means to research schools including the college’s website, view books, videos, and national reviews, such as in addition to a personal visit.  Feeling comfortable, liking the student body, the academic style and the campus atmosphere is very important for success at the school.

Students are urged to plan vacations around college visits and to visit on Teacher Workdays so that no absences will count against them.  (Keep in mind that a summer visit does not give a full view of what the campus is like but it is much better than no visit at all.)



·        Decide with your family when you would like to visit.

·         Set up an appointment with Ms. O'Donnell at least three days before the visit.

·        Students may pick up the College Visit Permission Form from Ms. O'Donnell or download and print here.

·        The Permission Form must be returned to Ms. O'Donnell with all required signatures.

* If a college visit is made during the school day, the student’s record will reflect that the student was present, but on a field trip.  Therefore, it will not count against the 5 day attendance policy if proper documentation of the visit is returned.

* Each student is allowed to have two college days during his or her junior and senior (or super senior) year.

* The counselor will not complete permission forms if the student has more than 5 absences.


See this Exploring Colleges link for suggestions on what activities, questions, and thoughts to consider when visiting a college.


Other Suggestions:

* Call the Admissions office to set up a tour of the campus                                                                     

* Get a schedule of calendar events prior to going to the college

* Make an appointment with an admissions counselor (be sure to ask them how you’re A-B Tech Credits will transfer)

* Set up faculty appointments in subject areas of interest

* Find a host for an overnight stay                                 

* Attend some classes

* Eat a meal in the cafeteria                                            

* Explore the surrounding community

* Visit the financial aid office and talk with a financial aid counselor

* Read the student newspaper                                       

* Scan bulletin boards around campus

Questions that BCEC students should ask:

* What can you tell me about the study habits, academic pressure, popular courses, availability of professors, library resources, and computer access? 

* Are there films, dances, theater performances, art exhibits, or special lectures?

* What extra costs should I prepare for to go to this college and live in this town?

* How effective is the campus security?                                           

* What are the deadlines I need to know: admissions, financial aid, etc.?

* What scholarships should I inquire about?

* What are the clubs and who belongs?                                        

* What are the dorms like?                                                                 

* Ask students what they like and dislike about their college.