College Planning



Click on the link above for information on things to think about in your journey through college planning Years 1 - 5. 
College Planning Guide for Undocumented Students
Also see the Financial Aid and Scholarships tab to the left for info on scholarships for undocumented students.  

Researching Careers and Majors:
Occupational Outlook Handbook: See what careers are out there and what you need in order to work in different fields
CFNC: explore different majors and see what schools offer what degree programs and majors
Big Future: use this College Board Resource to link your interests to a college major
Which Colleges will be a good fit?
CFNC Plan for College: Search for schools and find out what GPA and SAT or ACT scores you need, find out the size and tuition of different schools, what majors they offer, and when the applications are due. (Submit applications by the "priority deadline" if you want to be considered for merit-based financial aid; this will likely be at the beginning of November.) 
Visiting Colleges:
Once you have done some research about colleges that you are interested in, it's time to visit them! Most colleges have open houses, and if you contact the admissions office at a particular school you can set up a tour of the campus. Use the following Exploring College Opportunities resource to get the most out of your visit: EXPLORING COLLEGE OPPORTUNITIES. This document also contains information on which schools will accept transfer credit from A-B Tech, the SAT and ACT, and scholarship information.
Students are allowed 2 absences for college visits. Please see details on paperwork that must be complete prior to the college visit under the "Visiting Colleges" tab to the left.
Applying for College:
You've narrowed it down and now you are ready to apply to colleges! Students can apply for North Carolina Colleges through CFNC. You can also request High School transcripts through CFNC, or ask Mrs. Wicker about getting an official transcript when applying to colleges. Once you have applied to schools, let Mrs. Wicker know. You will need to request that your A-B Tech transcript gets sent and that your SAT scores and/or ACT scores are sent.
Financial Aid:
See the financial aid and scholarships section of Mrs. Wicker's website (on the left) for information about Federal Aid and other scholarships that you can apply for. Submit your college applications by the Early Deadlines (October or November, depending on the school's deadline) in order to be considered for Merit-based and other financial aid from the college itself. 
Sallie Mae has this very helpful Planning and Paying for College website to help students and families plan and figure out how to pay for college. It is full of resources including information on grants, scholarships, college savings plans and more. 
Undocumented Students: See the Financial Aid and Scholarships for College page for specific scholarships and resources, and also this website from Choose your Future. See your school counselor for more info.