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IMAPS is a blended Integrated Math and Physical Science Course for our Year 1 students.

My journey in life has led me to become a certified Math, Physics, General Science, and Bible Teacher in the state of North Carolina. I am a National Board Certified Teacher of Mathematics and a Kenan Fellow. I have been teaching now for over twenty-nine years in traditional and alternative school settings.

I have taught math and science in both private and public schools ranging from fourth grade to twelfth grade. It has also been a joy to serve adult learners within community college developmental mathematics courses.

There have been times when I stepped out of the public school system to teach youth and young adults in other ways, by serving as:
  • Positive Youth Development Lead Trainer for The B.E.S.T. Initiative (Professional Development for Youth Workers) in Philadelphia, serving a variety of programs within 62 youth-serving organizations
  • Master Teacher for a Motivational Educational Training Center
  • Developmental Mathematics Educator for Community Colleges
  • Outdoor School Educator at a year-round Retreat Center
  • Low-Ropes Course Initiatives Trainer for youth groups, camps, Americorps, YMCA Directors, and community centers
  • Student preparation trainer for multi-state high-stakes assessments
  • Math tutor and Science teacher for Upward Bound students
  • Conference Youth & Young Adult Minister for 54 Congregations in northeastern U.S.A.
  • Campus Pastor for students in a private high school
  • Church and Community Mediator, including youth and young adults
  • Youth & Young Adult Retreat Speaker

Allen Nice-Webb
Buncombe County Early College
Buncombe County Schools
Mentor: Joyce Gardner
Sponsor: North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
Teachers Training Teachers - Region 8
New Common Core Standards for Mathematics and English/Language Arts, and Essential Standards for Science and Social Studies have been adopted in North Carolina and will be implemented in classrooms across the state in the 2012-2013 school year. Mr. Nice-Webb will be a member of one of the teams recruited in each of the state’s eight educational regions to help facilitate this transition. These Kenan Fellows will partner with mentors from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction to develop and implement training to assist teachers as they transition to the new standards. They will help plan training modules, lead teacher training sessions and act as coaches to other teachers in their regions. Their work will encourage best practices for utilizing new standards including inquiry, data literacy and technology to improve instruction in middle and high school classrooms.

Kenan Award
   Kennedy Service Award

Allen Nice-Webb
Allen Nice-Webb, NBCT
IMAPS Teacher
Kenan Fellow

Buncombe County
Early College Math & Science Teacher
Asheville, NC
School Cell: 828-776-0791

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