World Languages at BCEC

World Language Options at Early College 

All Early College students are required to take 2 semesters of a world language. The highlighted courses in each track below meet the requirement. We are also excited to offer upper-level electives for students looking to expand their language ability, get an honors-level credit, and receive the NC Seal of Biliteracy on their diplomas! 



Heritage Spanish*

Spanish 1

Chinese 1

*For native Spanish-speakers, also known as Spanish Language Arts

Spanish 2

Chinese 2

Heritage Spanish 1

Spanish 3 Honors

Heritage Spanish 2 Honors

Spanish 4 Honors


Spanish 4 Honors



If students are particularly passionate about learning a language other than Spanish or Chinese, AB Tech offers French classes and NC Virtual Public Schools offers a variety of languages online. Students need principal and counselor approval for this option.