Brit Lit 242 and English 111

Brit Lit 242 and English 111 Class Expectations Fall 2019

These courses start when BCEC opens. These are college courses taught by a BCEC instructor so our class calendar is slightly different. I expect to see you in class August 8th. (Those of you in the 5th block class I will meet with you for the first time Friday the 9th of August.) 

However, do not be confused -- these are not a watered-down classes. The classes follow the required components including grading rubrics of the ABTech English classes and are rigorous to prepare you for college transfer to other UNC schools. All info needed for the courses will be found on the class Moodle. Below is just a quick overview. 

Brit Lit 242 -- Assignments were provided before summer break to give you a head start on the expected workload. This course has a heavy reading load and three major papers / projects. 
Students will be required to keep a notebook of class notes. 

English 111 -- is a writing class. You will be creating several short and longer written assignments, reading to support your writing, and doing research. 

The best way to maximize your class success would be to avoid unnecessary absences, be timely with all required assignments, and dedicate specific time to work outside of class. The Writing Lab should be used as an additional resource. 

All classes will review the plagiarism policy. Plagiarism, no matter the quantity, is never acceptable and will receive a grade of zero for the assignment. This grade may not be replaced with a “do over”. Likewise, cheating on any assignments, or the facilitating of cheating, will also earn a grade of zero and may not be “made up.” Academic integrity is expected. Papers written prior to this class by the student may NOT be recycled. Any paper earning credit in another course likewise is unacceptable. 

Late work will be penalized per college expectations. Homework is not accepted late. 

Absences make it difficult to be successful in these courses. Tardies will be reported and penalized. Since this class runs on Moodle, absences do not extend due dates. 

Materials needed:

Blue or black ink — For assignments that do not require a typed product.

Notebook / paper

Index cards — one package of 3 x 5, lined

USB flash drive

School issued computer is expected in class daily -- no exceptions 

Please send me an email should there be any concerns or difficulty regarding acquiring any of these materials. You can reach me at or by phone at (828) 776-0486. 

I look forward to an exciting semester filled with enthusiasm and student growth.

- R.S. Hefner