Graduation Project Information

Graduation Project  
This 5th-year English course continues the development of students' 21st-century skills, culminating in the production of the Graduation Project. Placed in the final English course for Buncombe County Early College, the project calls upon many of the skills, study habits, and methodology of prior classes.
The Graduation Project has four major components:
- a research paper
- a "product" that demonstrates newly-acquired knowledge and skills
- a portfolio that documents your progress throughout the project
- an oral presentation
Each component will be developed over the course of the semester. However, all required work cannot be completed during class time. It is impossible. Mentor hours and a large portion of the product hours will be done outside of class. The Graduation Project is a valuable opportunity for personal growth and inquiry. Prior successful projects have lead to career decisions, scholarships, internships, and employment.